Student Minister

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Ministry Overview

The position of Full-Time Student Minister will be responsible for 6th-12th Grade students at Memorial Baptist Church.  The Student Minister will be responsible for developing a comprehensive ministry to the whole scope of youth within the church and keep constant oversight of all youth ministries.  The Student Minister will also assist the Senior Pastor in any needs that may arise.  The Student Minister will answer to the Senior Pastor and the Personnel Committee.


  1. Keep a consistent personal and growing walk with Jesus.  Involve yourself in personal and corporate Bible Study and Worship opportunities.  Attend at least one personal enrichment per year: staff retreat, conferences, etc.
  2. Keep a Godly focus on relationships, personal life, tithing, and work ethic.
  3. Provide leadership for Sunday School, Sunday Evening Bible study, and Wednesday Night Youth Worship.  Personally lead 2 out of these 3 and make sure the other is led by loving and Biblical teachers.  If unable to be present, must personally make sure everything is covered.
  4. Youth Ministry must fall within the vision and mission of Memorial Baptist: Love God, Love People, Serve Together.
  5. Organize and plan events for students throughout the year, both at church and off campus.  It is expected that at least once per quarter, there is a special planned activity for the youth.  This can involve camps and retreats, concerts, and other various outings involving the whole group.
  6. Organize and teach our youth to serve in our church and in our community.  This can include teaching and helping in children’s ministry, taking up offerings, service projects, missions trips/projects, etc.
  7. Develop and oversee the financial budget of the youth ministry.  Be a good steward of the finances and resources of the church.  This includes planning fundraisers for special youth activities.
  8. Keep church and other staff informed of activities on youth calendar. Communicate your ideas clearly to all involved.  Attend regular staff meetings.
  9. Develop a team of adults and students who will help in the planning and executing of the youth ministry when needed.  Coordinate training for volunteers that would include plans for regular services, fundraisers, and emergencies (i.e., if you are absent what should they take care of).
  10. Be visible in the community.  This includes sporting events, school, community events, and other places.  Develop relationships with community leaders.
  11. Be alert to win the lost and assist both workers and youth in reaching the unreached.
  12. Counsel with youth as needed.  Alert the pastor and refer students to professionals when needed.
  13. Be an at-large member of the Children’s Committee both to be apprised of their work and to help bridge the gap between Children and Youth ministries.
  14. Have a willingness to relocate to the Citronelle area when feasible.
  15. Make visits to students.  These can be in times of trouble, sickness, or just to say, “Hello”!
  16. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  • Salary will be based upon experience and level of education.
  • Talents in singing and musical instruments will be a plus.
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