Minister to Students

Website Dawson_Church Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

Weekly Attendance: 2100

Denomination: Baptist – SBC

The Neighborhood: Birmingham, Alabama

The Role: The Minister to Students is primarily responsible for the overall ministry to Students from sixth through twelfth grade.  As a member of the Dawson Ministerial Staff Team, the Minister to Students is expected to reflect the Christian values of Dawson in all relationships at work and the community, as well as in personal, business, and family relationships.

Meet Dawson Memorial Baptist Church:

Dawson Memorial Baptist Church is a large Baptist church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and located in the city of Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Often called the “Dawson Family of Faith” or just “Dawson,” the church, first established in 1920 as Edgewood Baptist Church, has a rich history. In 1925, Rev. Lemuel Dawson became the church’s first full-time pastor. Upon Rev. Dawson’s death in 1938, the church, with more than 400 members, unanimously voted to rename the church in his honor. In 1948, Dr. Edgar Arendall became Dawson’s pastor and served in that role for 36 years. During that time, Dr. Arendall led the congregation’s post-war growth as the church continued to expand in the areas of membership, leadership, and facilities.

In March of 1991, Dr. Gary Fenton became the Senior Pastor of the Dawson Family of Faith, moving to Birmingham from Tyler, Texas, where he had served as the Senior Pastor of Tyler’s First Baptist Church. During Dr. Fenton’s tenure, the church placed great emphasis on missions, ministry, and serving others. Dr. Fenton retired as Senior Pastor of Dawson in August 2016.

Dr. David Eldridge was called to be Senior Pastor at Dawson in August of 2017. He began his ministry here in September of that same year. Pastor David is a gifted expository preacher with a Phd in expository preaching from New Orleans Baptist Seminary. He is a gifted leader with a heart to make disciples. In his first 18 months at Dawson we have experienced good growth numerically and spiritually. We are excited about his preaching and shepherding at Dawson.

Within the last 12 months alone, 46 mission teams consisting of 360 people served in projects locally, in other states, and in ten other countries around the world. The church family has also given over $3 million directly to missions and mission causes over the past 12 months.

Presently, Dawson has more than 6,000 members with a weekly average attendance of 2100. Members and guests gather for worship each week on campus coming from a 20 minute radius around the church’s property. Dawson is historically a traditional church and has always purposed itself to serve the Lord with excellence in ministry, worship, and facilities. Dawson is known for its strong Preschool, Children’s, and Student Ministries. Hundreds of young families are drawn to Dawson each year because of the importance the ministries have placed on laying a godly foundation and investing in the lives of the next generation at a young age. Likewise, Dawson’s Music & Worship Ministry has an extensive following. Over 500 volunteers are involved in a variety of aspects of serving which include various choirs, orchestra accompaniment, contemporary bands, the Dawson Music Academy, and more.

Dawson’s best asset is her people. This is easily seen through its emphasis on family and relationships. As a multi-generational church, Dawson is blessed with an even mix of all age groups who participate through their attendance and giving. Numerous young families are seen each week, participating in the variety of activities Dawson has to offer. There are hundreds of members who have been a part of the congregation for many years, including multiple families and extended families that attend the church each week alongside three or more generations.

Our team found the people of Dawson to be gracious, generous, accepting, and vibrant. This is not a church on its way down. People of all ages continue to be excited about the future and what God is doing through the church. Less than four years ago, the church came together and responded overwhelmingly to a major missions initiative called Go Love Tell. The initiative’s goal was to raise $5 million to use in five different mission locations over a five-year period. The actual pledged amount totaled $5.6 million to date to be used in Birmingham, Maine, Tanzania, Northeast Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Dawson continues to place an important emphasis on discipleship for its members and the local community. In 2018, the church baptized 80 people and added 191 new members. Dawson’s TV Ministry, the first in the state of Alabama, attracts upwards of 15,000 viewers each week and has a distinct opportunity to grow viewership in the region.

The next Minister to Students at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church will be walking into a place of health and strength and will be leading people who are not
content to stay where they are, but who are diligently seeking God’s will in obedience for whatever role He has for them in furthering His Kingdom.

About the Minister to Students:

The Minister to Students is primarily responsible for the overall ministry to Students from sixth through twelfth grade.  As a member of the Dawson Ministerial Staff Team, the Minister to Students is expected to reflect the Christian values of Dawson in all relationships at work and the community, as well as in personal, business, and family relationships.

The Minister to Students will be responsible for:

  • Overall supervision and leadership to Student Ministry and Student Ministry staff.
  • Overseeing student Bible studies (small groups and Sunday morning Life Groups).
  • Overseeing Wednesday night programming.
  • Overseeing year-round activities (camps, mission trips, etc).
  • Facilitating outreach for students and their families.
  • Overseeing the process when a student accepts Christ(disciple) or desires to be baptized.


What you bring:


The ideal candidate will have a master’s degree from a seminary.


The ideal candidate will have three or more years of experience in leadership as a Student Pastor or Minister, in a church similar in size to Dawson.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a strong teacher/preacher of God’s Word.
  • Is a disciple-maker: someone who operates with an intentional discipleship strategy.
  • Is a leader:  someone who can lead staff team, adult leaders, and students.
  • Is relational: someone who values relationships with students and parents.
  • Understands and appreciates strong traditions while being ready to lead forward.
  • Portrays a commitment to longevity.
  • Has administrative and organizational strengths.
  • Is a seasoned, mature leader, who can handle parents.
  • Has built a team.
  • Is relatable, approachable, and knows names of students and what they are involved in and their activities.
  • Is a solid teacher who can provide practical application to their messages.
  • Has emotional IQ; they know themselves and others.  Is also multi-generational.
  • Is called to Student Ministry.
  • Is patient, observational, and respectful.
  • Is connected and networked, and can give good direction.
  • Can ask “why?” and figure out what’s next.
  • Is trusting.
  • Is family focused, and if married, is a strong biblical leader of their family, with devotion and care for their spouse.
  • Really “gets” Dawson and their community; they understand the location and setting of Dawson, and appreciate the area

What it’s like to live in Birmingham, Alabama:

The City of Birmingham is a municipal corporation under the laws of the State of Alabama. Birmingham is the largest city in the state with a population currently estimated at 212,237, and a metro population of 1,136,650. Boasting 99 historic neighborhoods, the city is often referred to as the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement.

The city was once the primary industrial center of the southern United States. However, today, it has transformed itself into a medical research, banking, and service-based economy, making it one of the nation’s most livable cities with a vibrant downtown, a burgeoning loft community, a world-class culinary scene, and more green space per capita than any other city in the nation. The city is centrally located in the southeast and easily accessible to major hubs in the region. It includes some of the largest firms and corporations in the area including three prominent higher education institutions, led by the University of Alabama.

The City of Birmingham currently ranks 13th among the largest southeastern metropolitan areas, 48th in population among the nation’s top 366 metropolitan areas, and 98th in population among the nation’s 285 largest cities.


Dawson is located in the heart of Homewood, a suburb that 30% of Dawson’s attendees call home. With housing options to suit every lifestyle, from chic modern condos to large single-family homes, Homewood is a highly appealing community to people of all ages and particularly parents, children, and food-lovers. With eclectic local restaurants, kid-friendly parks, the nearby Birmingham Zoo, and the best of a mid-size town, the average commute time from Homewood downtown Birmingham is a mere 17 minutes.
Homewood is a wonderful place for families to raise children with excellent local schools. Thanks to a strong sales tax base, Homewood has been able to prioritize education and has continued to attract young families. Homewood is also the home of Samford University.

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