Minister of Music

Fairview Heights Northside Baptist Church

Fairview Heights Northside Baptist Church is seeking a committed part-time Music Minister to lead worship services on Sundays, Wednesdays, and special events as needed. The key duties for the person in this position are preparing music for worship services, directing the choir, leading choir practice, and organizing music for holidays and special occasions. The church primarily uses The Baptist Hymnal, and all music should be selected and prepared in a way that fosters the spiritual growth of the church.

The ideal candidate will be passionate for Christ with the ability to teach basic musical principles. The ability to engage with the congregation is also important. A CD or video of musical ability and skills should be submitted prior to interviewing for this position.



·         Must be a born-again Christian, with evidence of a maturing spiritual relationship with God

·         Must be led and directed by the Holy Spirit in leading worship

·         Must meet the criteria of church membership and be willing to become a member or transfer membership to FHNBC

·         Must commit to FHNBC as a first priority above community or personal activities and events

·         Must be able to read music and have vocal ability to lead the congregation

·         Must be an excellent communicator who is willing and able to relay musical knowledge and skills to the choir and congregation

·         Must support the whole church cause by being active in Sunday School, worship services, and Wednesday night Bible study

·         Must be available for special services, such as revivals, funerals, and weddings

·         Must be willing to participate in committees as needed

·         Proven background in church music and program leadership preferred



·         Must schedule a rotation of weekly special music, mentoring and working with performers to ensure they have opportunity to practice as needed and that they have had a sound check and every opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities

·         Must be organized, submitting worship music, detailed event plans, rehearsal times, and similar information no later than Wednesday of the week prior to the event or service

·         Must work cooperatively with the church secretary to coordinate music and event preparation

·         Must work cooperatively with sound room staff, musicians, church secretary, choir, and pastor and be proactive in ensuring that everything is in place so that worship services flow effectively

·         Must give notice of absences (planned and unplanned) and make arrangements for coverage

·         Must keep the pastor informed, communicating plans and ensuring that the pastor is first to know coverage plans in times of absence

·         Must lead the sanctuary choir and develop youth and children’s choirs as needed

·         Must select special holiday productions and prepare choir for performances

·         Must keep all spending within the allocated budget and use funds responsibly

·         Must organize and prepare sheet music, books, and notebooks for the choir and musicians as needed in coordination with the church secretary

Upload your resume and/or cover letter or any other relevant files. PDF please. Max. file size: 50 MB.