Minister of Music

Springhill Baptist

1. Provide worship service music.
2. Coordinate music with the pastor.
3. Provide the bulletin secretary with the list of songs for the bulletin no later than Thursday.
4. Establish time for choir practice and any other music practices.
5. Support the pastor and all outreach committees.
6. Provide a suitable substitute to lead the music when absent.



1. Born again Christian baptized by immersion according to the clear teachings of Scripture.
2. Must agree wholeheartedly with the Baptist Faith and Message (SBC, 2000).
3. Be of high character and possess such a reputation.
4. Be honest and forthcoming and possess such a reputation.
5. Abstain from the use of intoxicating drinks and substances.
6. Upright in business dealings and possess such a reputation.
7. Live in consistency with these qualifications for the extent of their time serving as music minister.



Pastor Caleb Hughes
[email protected]
(205) 662-4973

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